In-depth investigations by Eyes on the Forest and other organizations of forest crimes in Indonesia perpetrated by palm oil, and pulp and paper companies, along with related issues. Includes external publications.

17 Dec 2013 / EoF External Publications / RPHK

Moratorium APP: Deforestasi Berlanjut

Relawan Pemantau Hutan Kalimantan -- Operasi Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Indonesia telah lama berfokus di pulau Sumatera yang mana dua pabrik pulp...

17 Dec 2013 / EoF External Publications / RPHK

APP moratorium: deforestation continued

The Kalimantan forest monitoring NGO consortium “Relawan Pemantau Hutan Kalimantan” (RPHK), has been analyzing the impact Asia Pulp & Paper’s new conservation policy had on Borneo’s forests.

04 Nov 2013 / EoF External Publications / Greenomics Indonesia

Greenomics Report: "Zero to Zero: APP's Zero Deforestation Policy Saves Zero Forested Sumatran Tiger Habitat"

APP's Forest Conservation Policy (FCP), based on its "Zero deforestation" campaign, was launched in early February, 2013. However, it is clearly not...

02 Jul 2013 / EoF External Publications / WWF

Advisory to Buyers and Investors of the Sinar Mas Group/Asia Pulp & Paper (SMG/APP)

WWF welcomes APP’s recent clarifications in June 2013 of its “forest conservation policy (FCP)” that it is committed to “an absolute deadline...

16 May 2013 / EoF Investigative Report

Investigative Report: Deforestation continues in SMG/APP supplier concession in Sumatra

EoF investigation between 5 and 8 April 2013 found PT. Riau Indo Agropalma (RIA), an “independent” supplier to SMG/APP, to be felling natural...

15 May 2013 / EoF Investigative Report

Laporan Investigatif: Deforestasi berlanjut di satu konsesi pemasok SMG/APP di Riau

Investigasi EoF antara tanggal 5 dan 8 April 2013 mendapati PT. Riau Indo Agropalma (RIA), pemasok “independen” SMG/APP, masih menebangi pepohonan...

03 May 2013 / EoF External Publications / NGO joint letter

Surat LSM ke APP terkait Forest Conservation Policy

Kebijakan baru Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) APP yang telah diumumkan pada 5 Februari 2013 lalu sedang dalam proses untuk diterjemahkan dalam...