In-depth investigations by Eyes on the Forest and other organizations of forest crimes in Indonesia perpetrated by palm oil, and pulp and paper companies, along with related issues. Includes external publications.

17 Jun 2016 / EoF Investigative Report

Laporan Investigatif: Berlindung di balik selimut CnC (Juni 2016)

Dari 14,6 juta hektar luas wilayah Kalimantan Barat, 5,4 juta hektar atau 37,2 persen telah dialokasikan untuk IUP pertambangan yang dikuasai oleh 6...

20 Dec 2015 / EoF Investigative Report

Investigative Report: Crime against humanity culprits should be brought to justice (December 2015)

Eyes on the Forest coalition in July – November 2015 conducted field investigation to check fire hotspots as detected by NASA Modis Firms satellite...