House's commission VII criticize APP, APRIL subsidiaries

EoF News / 09 October 2007

Pekanbaru (EoF News)—House of Representatives’ Environmental Commission dismissed a general hearing with PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP) on Monday due to insufficient data provided by the company, Koran Tempo daily reported today (9/10/2007).

Sonny Keraf, who led the hearing, concluded that the Commission VII would visit Riau to ensure whether PT IKPP and PT RAPP could be involved in illegal logging practice as the police probed currently, Riau Pos daily reported today.

It is for the third time the hearing between Commission VII and PT RAPP (subsidiary of Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited /APRIL) was postponed following the company’s management no-show two weeks ago.

“RAPP is evicted due to its unprepared presentation,” wrote Tribun Pekanbaru daily on Tuesday. “PT RAPP’s President Director Rudy Fajar, its Commissioner Benny Setyawan and Operational Director Thomas Handoko as well as their managers leave the meeting room of Commission VII with grim faces,” told Riau Terkini website on Monday (8/10/2007).

Tribun Pekanbaru daily also reported that another Riau’s big pulp company, PT Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper (IKPP, affiliated to Asia Pulp & Paper/APP) was questioned by the Commission over its raw material supply that allegedly sourced from illegal logging practice that probed by the Riau Police currently.

Parliamentarian Effendi Simbolon criticized the presentation made by PT IKPP, particularly its satellited image depicting forest cover that out of date. “The forest cover presented is not timely as the current development,” Effendi criticized the APP’s subsidiary, the daily reported.

“We don’t subscribe Google, we only use the trial version and we apply our own software. Therefore, it does not illustrate the latest forest condition,” PT Arara Abadi’s President Director, Subarjo, told the hearing, Riau Terkini website reported Monday (8/10/2007).

The parliamentarians told PT IKPP to provide its data with real-time satellite images which will be urgently needed for the anticipated legal process.

Some parliamentarians said their disappointment with PT IKPP presentation as they believed the company might involve in alleged illegal logging practice as the police investigated.

“We should agree that this company is closed down. We recommend just like this,” said Brur Maras of Partai Demokrat as quoted by Riau Pos as saying.

The Commission suspected PT IKPP can only provide 30 percent from its legal timber supply, Riau Terkini reported.