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EoF News / 07 April 2006

NGOs have been collecting information on the actual owners or managers of the individual concessions for years and investigators have been tracking the wood from the concession to their final destination. In the new table, EoF also briefly comments on the status of the licenses that allow companies to convert natural forest to build timber plantations. Users can find the new information by moving the cursor over the concession they are interested in. Left clicking it will open a pop-up window with all information published for that particular concession. Users may also click the table icon next to the “Industrial Timber Plantations” legend to review all the information on all the plantations EoF has published to date.

EoF tried to verify the updated information with the two pulp mills. APP did not reply to EoF. APRIL replied to EoF to update some information and provided comments on a few concessions. EoF included APRIL’s suggestions in the database whenever it was able to verify them.