International Oil Palm Conference

EoF News / 22 June 2006

Organizer says International Oil Palm Conference not to ‘degrade environment’

Pekanbaru, (EoF News) -- An International Oil Palm Conference (IOPC 2006) is held in Bali on June 19 – 23 as the Indonesian government said palm oil is “the most prepared source of biofuel” as it has a supply source from huge palm plantations, a report said.

At least 800 participants from Asia to Latin America attend the event entitling Optimum Use of Resources, Challenges and Opportunities: Sustainable Oil Palm Development.

The conference organized by the Oil Palm Oil Research Center, the Indonesian Plantation Research Agency and the Agriculture Research and Development Body will highlight palm oil issues including technology, productivity and environmental concerns.

The organizer’s spokesman said the government will seek a solution in a bid to keep boosting oil palm industry development “without degrading the environment." Environmentalists have alleged that the expanding industry has harmed the environment, cutting down forests to make way for oil palms, The Jakarta Post reported.