Report: APRIL clearcuts natural forest in Bukit Tigapuluh block

EoF Investigative Report / 15 November 2005

PT. Atech, a contractor of PT. Bukit Betabuh Sei Indah, is logging in natural forest of Bukit Tigapuluh lock in Indragiri Hulu District. The timber from this logging operation in supplied to PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP), a pulp mill subsidiary of APRIL in Riau.

Eyes on the Forest found that the truck loaded with timber from Bukit Tigapuluh Forest Block (Truck Number BM 9577 AT) has a bill of lading issued by Riau Provincial Forestry Agency to supply timber to RAPP mill. Following the information found on the document. Timber Transportation Serial Number : RAPP C. 034977 Name of Concession : PT. Bukit Batabuh Sei. Indah Unit/Logging Block : Kpts 522.2/PK/2536

Initial of Driver : E.G Destination of Timber : PT. RAPP