The Champions of Deforestation

EoF News / 21 March 2007


(Kompas daily Editorial, 20 March 2007 ) Who are the quickest forest destroyers? According to Food and Agriculture Organization, during period of 2000-2005, we, Indonesians, is the quickest forest destroyers in the world. Deforestation in Indonesia within the five year is at 2 percent per a year, while in Brazil 0.6 percent.The destruction equals to 1.87 million hectares every year, equals to 51 kilometer per a day, or equals to 300 football fields every hour. These data are unveiled by Hapsoro, Forest Campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia Region, at Proclamation Monument on Friday. With such statistics, Indonesia could get into The Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s quickest forest destroyers.

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What are the impacts made by the Indonesia’s degraded forests? Thus what we are suffering now: landslide, floods, ecological or environmental damage. Climate change. Our life as a nation which is more vulnerable, particularly for the poor and the underprivileged ones? More contrasting and unfair if we calculate that the results gained from the deforestation practices are not enjoyed by broad public or the state, but the most and the biggest ones earned by the hands of illegal loggers of forest management who are not qualified.

The matter of forest is not merely attention and business of the government, but also the state’s business. All of us, Indonesian citizens, followed by several organizations, institutes and their activities are involved and must get involved. Our understanding of the Motherland, State, nation and government inevitably should be refurbished to make them actual and relevant.  Education and teaching of  geography and geology should be designated to be actual and relevant. Love the Motherland,  country, and nation will not be sufficient if its pattern and approach are limited. Luckily, we live in the age of information. Information with quite sophisticated, simultaneous, communicative and interactive technology. In order to be inspired to contribute. Audiovisual report can contribute which not only informative and communicative, but also enlightening.

Position and function of forest are strategic for us, Indonesia. Forest is natural wealth resources. Forest is a safeguard and protector of ecological safety. Otherwise, it makes sense too if we accept forest as a being on its own, therefore we tend to treat it routinely. Amid the hectic and disarray of conditions that related to the feed and job, forest could be pushed backward. Forest, let’s say, is situated in hinterland. If it is reported as news, then we realize, such as if it is razed by fire, if fact and data of deforestation disclose.

Forest should be placed at refurbishment and refreshment of knowledge as well as our awareness of the Land. We as citizens, as leaders, particularly as the government, are urged to understand more comprehensively and innovatively something related to the Land, the Archipelago, as Our Earth. We are familiar not only with the beauty, the wealth, and the diversity of culture-art, but also with nature of Indonesian Soil. The forest should we place on such actual and innovative understanding.