APRIL's timber supplier clears Sumatran tiger forest

EoF News / 19 April 2011

The concession area of PT RAPP Blok Logas Selatan (Sei Tasem) is located in the Bukit Rimbang – Bukit Baling forest block that has hilly and highly potential to contain High Conservation Value as indicated in this region including Protected Areas by the Indonesian Government and Riau Province Government.

In 2010, PT RAPP in Logas Selatan block (Sei Tasem) obtained a permit logging of natural forests based on the Minister Decree SK.01/RAPP/XII/2009, dated 24 December 2009 with size of around 1593 hectares.

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As PT RAPP Blok Logas Selatan is a concession that affiliated to APRIL, so the pulp group should fully comply with its public commitment before clearcutting the natural forest by implementing assessment or review of High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF).

However, APRIL’s PT RAPP clearcut the natural forest in Logas Selatan block or Sei Tasem without HCVF assessment conducted as it pledged through its own public policy.

Since 2005, APRIL has committed to its buyers, investors and the general public to protect High Conservation Value Forests (HCVF) professionally and independently identified following the stakeholder driven HCVF Toolkit for Indonesia.

Bukit Tigapuluh and Bukit Rimbang Baling Tiger Priority Landscape have become few of priority areas for tiger conservation in Indonesia, as the first one recently declared by the World Tiger Summit in 2010.

While, Bukit Batabuh area is an important habitat for the Sumatran tiger (panthera tigris sumatrae) in Riau, functioning as a wildlife corridor between Bukit Tigapuluh and Bukit Rimbang Baling. Bukit Batabuh is classified as a protected area by Riau Province in 1994, and categorized as a limited production forest based on Indonesia’s 1986 Land Use Consensus, meaning no company can legally exploit the forest.

EoF urges APRIL to stop the clearcutting of natural forest in the area and urges the importance to assess High Conservation Value Forests in collaboration with stakeholders before starting to fell the trees inside the tropical rainforest in order to carry out its own public policy.

Download EoF Investigative Report on PT RAPP APRIL Blok Logas SelatanUnduh Laporan Investigatif EoF soal PT RAPP Blok Logas Selatan