APRIL supplier’s environmental document could be fake: official

EoF News / 11 October 2012

EoF News (PEKANBARU) — A local official in Riau Province this week accused a timber supplier affiliated to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), obtaining a document of environmental impact analysis (Amdal) which could be fake as it was registered in the name of another company.

Riau Pos daily reported Tuesday (09/10/2012) that PT Sumatera Riang Lestari (SRL) of Pulau Rangsang site had registered its environmental impact analysis (Amdal) for its pulpwood plantation operation with another company.  

Amdal is a basic requirement that set up by the Ministry of Environment for all companies operating including in forest sector.

Head of Meranti District Environmental Agency, Bambang Suprianto, told Riau Pos daily that he did not find PT SRL’s environmental impact analysis document, either at district office or the Riau Province’s one.

“SRL’s analysis document is not on behalf of them. I have asked its copy, but there is no SRL’s name in the files. We have sent our staff to the province’s office to check out their Amdal, but still there is no PT SRL’s name,” Bambang said.

He said that the environmental agency would review the SRL’s Amdal document and would oblige the pulpwood plantation company to revise their document on behalf of PT SRL itself.

“Otherwise we will take stern action [against the company],” Bambang said as quoted as saying by Riautrust.com website.

In additition to PT SRL, APRIL’s subsidiary PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP) with approximately 350,000 hectares area of operation throughout the province is also accused by civil society group of having problems as its Amdal has been expired and it is not renewed before the company started operation in some concessions.