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Two tigers killed by snares, one teenager mauled to death

Human and Sumatran tiger conflicts are escalating in Riau province in recent months as two endangered species were found dead by snares and a teenager laborer attacked to death by a tiger in three separate incidents.

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APP clearcuts forest where a Sumatran tiger dies by snare

Asia Pulp and Paper is still clearcutting tropical rainforest as realities found by Eyes on the Forest investigation in the company’s subsidiary, PT Arara Abadi of district Nilo, in Tesso Nilo forest block, Sumatra’s Riau Province.

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Sumatran tiger's leg broken, then trapped and die

PEKANBARU (EoF News)— A Sumatran tiger that last month believed attacking a palm oil farmer to death in Riau province eventually also died last week (Thursday, 30/09/2010), only four hours after being caught by villagers that supervised by Natural Resources Conservancy Main Agency of Riau Office (BBKSDA) and nongovernmental organization YPHS (Yayasan Pelestarian Harimau Sumatra, Sumatran tiger conservation foundation).

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Sumatran tigers habitat threatened by hotspots

"The hot spots must be put out , otherwise the tigers` habitat will be threatened," the head of the local Environmental Impact Management Agency (Bapedal), Khairul Zainal, said. He said the hot spots which had been spotted by satellite would become a serious danger to wild life if the area if they were not extinguished.

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