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Law enforcement weak, 15 wild elephants killed

Fifteen wild Sumatran elephants had been killed in Riau province since January this year following the deaths of three female elephants in Tesso Nilo forest block as officials believed they were poisoned.

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Law enforcement needed for elephant killings in Tesso Nilo

Another wild Sumatran elephant was found dead in Tesso Nilo National Park, in Riau Province, increasing the dead toll to six elephants in recent three months. The latest elephant was found dead in Sungai Tapa near the Park’s Flying Squad trained elephants camp on 31 May, reports said.

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Five Sumatran elephants poisoned to death in Riau

Pekanbaru, Riau province (ANTARA News) - Five Sumatran Elephants (Elephas Maximus Sumatranus) were found dead last Friday (Nov 26) in Indragiri Hulu, Riau province, an official said.The poor elephants were allegedly killed by irresponsible people by poisoning them in the working site of a mining company

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Conversion in Bukit Tigapuluh causes elephants killed

Pekanbaru (EoF News)-- The government is urged to abide by regulations on its Sumatran elephant conservation agreement and protect the endangered species habitat from rampant conversion as human-elephant conflict escalates currently. Two elephants killed nearby Bukit Tigapuluh forest block early this month amid uncertainty of implementation on Ministry of Forestry Decree appointing Riau as Sumatran Elephant Conservation Centre.

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Elephant found dead headless, ivory disappears

Pekanbaru (EoF News) -- An elephant (Elephas maximus sumatranus) was found dead where its skeletons and ivory vanished as a villager said it was poisoned by ivory poachers. The elephant’s ripen carcass was found by residents of Dusun Tasik Indah, Segati village of Pelalawan, 180 km away from Pekanbaru, last weekend. The villagers informed the provincial conservation agency (BKSDA) this week, Antara news agency reported Tuesday.

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Human-Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block

Human Elephant Conflict and Forest Clearing in Libo Block, Riau Province Pekanbaru, Indonesia (EoF News, March 10, 2006) - Six elephants were found dead last week in an oil palm plantation at the border of Riau and North Sumatra, apparently poisoned. At least 17 elephants have repeatedly raided Balai Raja village in Riau's Bengkalis District.

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