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12 forestry companies, 5 plantations fail in fires prevention audit

National Joint Team from some Government agencies revealed that 17 timber and plantation companies in Riau province failed to perform Compliance Audit in preventing forest and land fires, a joint inter-department task force said Friday.

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Community-based forest management key to success of REDD+

LIMA, Peru (4 February 2011). Local communities need to be given a greater role in the management of forests to ensure the best chance for REDD+ schemes to work, experts said as the United Nations launched the 2011 International Year of Forests.

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Joint press release -The Wilderness Society RAN AOP

Bangkok – As world leaders gather to negotiate a new global climate deal, one pulp and paper company in Indonesia is proceeding with plans to pulp up to 170,000 hectares of natural forest in Sumatra’s Bukit Tigapuluh. The forest landscape is key habitat for critically endangered Sumatran tigers and Sumatran elephants, and the site of the world’s only successful Sumatran orangutan reintroduction program.

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Province of Riau Supports REDD to Save our Climate

I am realizing my special position as a steward of large blocks of natural forests in Indonesia. I am committed to a joint policy of environmentally friendly, sustainable economic development and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) targeted at reducing poverty, protecting community rights over natural resources, stimulating employment, and attracting investment. I am therefore calling for avoidance of deforestation and forest degradation in my province, especially its all important peat lands, which store more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem on earth.