Fire hotspots detected in suppliers’ concessions

EoF News / 29 July 2019
map of fire hotspots distribution 26-27 July 2019

At least six industrial timber plantation concessions in Riau province were detected to have fire hotspots on 26 and 27 July as Eyes on the Forest team analysed based on satellite data by NASA FIRM VIIRS with confidence of nominal (medium).

The six companies are KUD Bina Jaya Langgam, PT RAPP sector Pelalawan, PT Sari Hijau Mutiara, (all three affiliated to Asia Pacific Resources International Limited, APRIL); while PT Arara Abadi district Malako and PT Bina Duta Laksana are affiliated to Asia Pulp & Paper (APP).  Meanwhile, PT Inhil Hutani Pratama, formerly APP supplier has been detected with five hotspots.

Despite these hotspots, it recommended to verify the actual fires by conducting a groundtruth check to field, EoF news reckons.

EoF GIS team also analysed that burnings occurred near palm oil plantation of PT Peputra Supra Jaya with estimation of 830 hectares, which located in a production forest area. In Tesso Nilo landscape many hotspots were detected which spread over some locations with the biggest one is around 930 hectares.

Map of fire hotspots concession

As EoF News reported last week that haze had blown away to Pekanbaru, capitol city of Riau province as fires occurred in Siak and  Pelalawan districts mostly. According to official at Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics of Pekanbaru office, total hotspots detected in the province was 61 on Sunday morning.

The visibility distance in Pekanbaru was 5 kilometers, Mia Vadilla, the forecaster, said.