In-depth investigations by Eyes on the Forest and other organizations of forest crimes in Indonesia perpetrated by palm oil, and pulp and paper companies, along with related issues. Includes external publications.

04 Feb 2011 / EoF External Publications / CPF

Community-based forest management key to success of REDD+

LIMA, Peru (4 February 2011) Local communities need to be given a greater role in the management of forests to ensure the best chance for REDD+ schemes to work, experts said as the United Nations launched the 2011...

14 Dec 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

Warsi FZS EoF WWF (14Dec2010) Last chance to save Bukit Tigapuluh

Bukit Tigapuluh – or “Thirty Hills” – is one of the last examples of the kind of landscapes that earned Indonesia the nickname “Emerald of the Equator”: dense canopy, lush rainforests of unbelievable...

03 Dec 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

Laporan Investigasi November 2010

EoF menghimbau SMG / APP, dan APRIL untuk menepati janji mereka: Jangan ada lagi konversi hutan alam dan pembukaan lahan gambut untuk menghasilkan pulp Jangan ada lagi pelanggaran komitmen iklim Negara.

01 Dec 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

EoF Report: Riau RKT 2010 natural forest and peat conversion

In 2009, the Government of Indonesia is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 41% relative to business as usual levels by 2020 with a focus on reducing emissions from deforestation and...

25 Oct 2010 / EoF External Publications

Leading scentists (25Oct10) Open letter to ITS WGI Oxley

An open letter written by professional scientists working for leading academic and research institutions was published on Monday to alert general...

14 Jul 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

Investigative Report: Pulp industry continues clearance

On 26 May 2010, Indonesia and Norway signed a Letter of Intent to form a partnership “to contribute to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation, forest degradation and peatland...

14 Jul 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

EoF_PR_8Jul2010_ Deforestation continues in Riau Sumatra FINAL B

PEKANBARU, INDONESIA -- Two of the world’s largest paper companies, Shanghaibased Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) and Singapore-based APRIL, undermine the recent

03 May 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

Investigative Report: Two APP / Sinar Mas associated companies continue clearcutting of deep peatland forest of...

An Eyes on the Forest (EoF) investigation conducted in November - December 2009 confirmed that two Industrial Timber Plantation companies associated with Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) of Sinar Mas Group (SMG), namely PT Bina...

29 Apr 2010 / EoF Investigative Report

Laporan Investigasi Desember 2009

Dua perusahaan tergabung dengan Asia Pulp & Paper / Sinar Mas Group terus menebangi hutan gambut Kerumutan di Riau yang mengancam ekosistem hutan rawa gambut, harimau Sumatera dan iklim global.