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07 October 2020 / EoF External Publications / WWF

SUSTAINING DEFORESTATION APRIL’s Links with PT Adindo Hutani Lestari Undercut “No...

Based on analysis using satellite imagery, this report documents extensive deforestation, including clearance of forests on peatlands,

07 October 2020 / EoF External Publications / WWF

MEMBABAT HUTAN TANPA HENTI Hubungan dengan PT Adindo Hutani Lestari mencederai komitmen...

Berdasarkan analisis yang menggunakan citra satelit, laporan ini mendokumentasikan deforestasi yang luas, termasuk pembukaan hutan di lahan gambut di areal konsesi PT Adindo Hutani Lestari (Adindo), yaitu salah satu dari lima pemasok kayu pulp...

08 October 2019 / EoF External Publications / WWF

Penghancuran Hutan Kalimantan

Grup APRIL dan APP Tetap Memasok Kayu dari Sumber Kontroversial yang Dimiliki Grup Djarum pada 2018

08 October 2019 / EoF External Publications / WWF

Borneo Deforestation Update

Asia Pulp & Paper and APRIL Groups continued in 2018 to source wood from controversial supplier owned by Djarum Group

26 September 2019 / EoF Investigative Report / WWF

2019 Fires in Riau Province, Update 1: Hotspots 8-21 September 2019

Fires have been raging globally and once again have become a “hot” topic in the media this year. Where were hotspots detected between 8 and 21 September in Sumatra? EoF publishes its update.

30 August 2019 / EoF Investigative Report / WWF

Peat fires raging as Indonesian Government turns back the clock on restoration

To create at least some form of transparency on the issue and evaluate the restoration performance by both HTI concession holders and government in the country’s top peat province of Riau during the 3 years the President had asked for, EoF surveyed...

29 August 2019 / EoF Investigative Report / WWF

Kebakaran gambut masih menghantui, restorasi gambut sudah sejauh mana?

Guna mengevaluasi kinerja pemulihan oleh pemegang konsesi HTI maupun Pemerintah di provinsi yang terluas lahan gambut, Provinsi Riau, EoF melakukan survey konsesi HTI dengan pesawat kecil tanpa awak (drone) dan langsung dari lapangan, kurun Juli...

07 May 2019 / EoF External Publications / WWF

APP acknowledges links to controversial suppliers, but fails to release an auditor’s...

On March, 2019, Asia Pulp & Paper / Sinar Mas Group (hereafter APP/Sinar Mas) released an Executive Summary of a report entitled, “APP/Sinar Assessment on its Links with Industrial Forest Plantations in Indonesia”.


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